Master Key System Reno

A master key system is something that people can get intrigued by it. The reason for that is mostly because such system can be confusing at times. For example, how is it possible for a key to unlock two different doors where another key will only unlock one of them? Is there something special with the key? is there something going on with the components of the door locks installed on these doors. It may surprise some people, but there is actually some math which involved in the process of a master key system. Without the knowledge and experience that a professional locksmith Reno technician has, such system would be difficult to implement as it could get fairly complex.

Master key system keys

Change key – Also known as a sub-master key, the change key will only operate a specific lock within a system or other locks that are identical to each other, meaning, they are rekeyed alike. Initially it is the lower level key within a master key system where other keys that are on a higher level, will also be able to operate the same locks.

Master key – In a basic master key system, other than a master key itself, there will be a key for each lock in the system. In a master key system, such key is required to be integrated on all locks that are wished to be a part of the system. Most of the time, a master key will be the highest level key in a system.

Grand master key – Such key has the capacity to control several master key systems. This means that a grand master key will operate all locks that are part of one or more master key systems which include all lower level keys such as change keys.

Master key system Reno locksmith

Master key system, how does it works? 

A master key system most of the time is implemented on a traditional pin tumbler lock. A pin tumbler lock work with internal pins which are matched to the cuts on a particular key. In order for such locks to be converted to a master key system, a special pin called a master pin would need to be added by a professional commercial locksmith in Reno. This particular pin is designed a bit differently than other pins that are common inside a traditional lock.

Master key system for convenience 

Most businesses common interest is to not have their employees be responsible for a large amount of keys. Additionally, another shared interest of businesses that are placed in a large property is to restrict access according to a specific rank an employee holds. A master key system would allow just that. With a master key system, different levels of access can be implemented which will result in a gradual level of access for all employees in the property. A good example is an apartment complex or building where the property manger will most likely have a key that will open all the apartments in the property, but tenants on the other hand would be restricted solely to their own apartments.

If the need is there for a business property, a master key system will allow more than one different keys to open one specific lock. In order for a master key system to be implemented, all commercial door locks in the property that would be part of the system, have to be of the same make and model. Despite the fact that master key systems are commonly implemented on pin tumbler locks, the system can also accommodate different types of high security locks depending on the level of security that is needed. The main advantage in having a master key system done, is that it allows the minimal usage of keys to operate the locks around the business property. If needed, a master key system can get pretty complex with the addition of grand master keys.   

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