Commercial Door Locks

When you go shopping at the mall or work out at the gym or go to any commercial building you may notice some similarities between the places such as the door ways and the locks that are housed within them. You may notice that the hardware on the door is bulkier and the material looks much sturdier in comparison to the locking hardware you would find on a residential home. When you begin to take notice of the commercial door locking mechanisms surrounding you, it’s hard to not ask yourself how secure the locks are on your property.

The type of locks and door hardware that are installed by a locksmith Reno in addition to how they are placed is an important aspect to the security of any commercial property. For a public building it is recommended to install commercial door locks that are of grade one. These grade one locks have been tested to ensure to provide long lasting functionality and durability to all doorways, especially ones that are often used. Grade one locks are less likely to be the manipulated in the chance of lock picking or lock bumping as well as holding up quite well in the event of an attempted force entry.

Locksmith Reno Commercial Door Locks

One commercial door lock that is extremely common to see on all sorts of building is the deadbolt lock. Deadbolts are quite often reliable and strong locks and can possess either one or two cylinders. A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to operate the deadbolt from both sides of the door whereas a single cylinder only needs a key for one side. It is an excellent idea to have a double cylinder deadbolt when the front entrance is located next to a window so that it isn’t easy to gain entrance by breaking the window and turning the thumb turn of the lock.

If you really want to have good physical security, you should call upon a commercial locksmith for your commercial door locks. Locks that are found at hardware stores are definitely not manufactured for commercial properties because those low grade locks are extremely simple to break and manipulate. In addition to delivering you high functioning locks a professional locksmith in Reno will accurately install the locking hardware. Having your property physically secured is essential for preventing danger and theft.

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