Auto Key Cutting Reno

One can only wonder what is the process that happens to a car key before it gets to the owner’s hands and is capable of starting your vehicle? The original thought may be that the car key is a very simple piece of material that is manufactured along with the vehicle and that is the end of it . But this would be incorrect. A car key is sold with many other keys that look exactly alike, except none of these keys in their original state would be able to do anything for your specific vehicle which include even opening doors. In order for a car key to be able to open a car door or even ignite the car, it must first go through an auto key cutting process.

Oftentimes, the process is followed by a programming procedure of the car key to the computer within the vehicle. An auto key cutting is the use of a car key cutting machine that only a licensed, automotive locksmith in Reno and a car dealership can possess. It is necessary to have an auto key cutting on a blank car key to make the car key uniquely fit to a particular vehicle.

Auto key cutting Reno locksmith

The best place to have an auto key cutting done

There aren’t too many places you can go to for an auto key cutting, but you surely can go to a locksmith Reno company. A Reno locksmith owns the special equipment required to accurately perform an auto key cutting service. Once the car key cutting is accomplished and the key possibly programmed, the car and the car key will only work together as a pair. This auto cut key cannot work with another car, and will only cause damage if it is used in the wrong locking mechanism.

An auto key cutting must occur at the site of the vehicle, especially if the car key is going to have to be programmed. A car will not operate before they key is properly cut accordingly first and with some models equipped with a transponder car key, it would need to be programmed additionally as well. An auto key cutting happens when a car key must be originated (meaning there is no existing keys to the vehicle) or during a car key replacement service.

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